Unleash the creative MADness in your online presence and see measurable results while you’re at it

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Awesome Projects

Words don't come easy to some - but that's not the case with our talented monkeys. We write to sell (and it works!)

Working Hours

Whatever it takes to deliver a pretty amazing stuff - even if it means working 25 hours a day. Just joking, it’s impossible. We’re not far off, though

Cups of Coffee

Social never sleeps and nor do we - well, sort of anyway. Analytics and some serious amounts of coffee help.

MAD Gorillas

They say size isn’t everything. And they’re right! We work our hairy butts off to make sure you get your money’s worth and much more!

No Monkey Business

If you’re sick of hearing same old story of how good one’s content marketing services are, let us tell you a secret: you’re not alone. So how about just seeing the results with your own eyes?
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Personalised Strategy

We work with you to determine marketing goals that will suit you & your brand image plus bring a nice ROI at the same time

Performance Analytics

We need to know what’s working and what isn’t within the strategy. And you need reporting to know if what we’re doing is working!

Comprehensive Social Media

Your potential customers are on social media and we know just the way to convert them into paying clients.

Market Research

Competitors analysis and market research is on us. And so is helping you find your target audience so we’re all clear on who to advertise to.

Fast Support

We’re always around if you have any question or issues with the digital side of your business.

Original Content

We want to show the world how special your brand is and that requires high quality and unique content at all times (which is exactly what we deliver).

Statistics may be boring, but numbers never lie. Let’s take a look!

Social Media Marketing is definitely worth the hype – if done right, that is. We aim for consistency, engagement and human approach above all to attract new clients and then build a long-lasting relationship to make sure you’re always their first choice.



million active users



million active users



million active users

How We Work

Research & Analyse

First, we do our own market research to determine who wants to buy your product or service and then identify your ideal customer and where to find them.

Strategy & Tactics

Second, we work out the best way of getting to your ideal customer and how to convert them into paying clients. Sounds neat, right?


And finally, we practice what we preach. Based on the (boring but necessary) data we’ve gathered so far, we craft the perfect message for your brand.


"Judyta Baran was instrumental in helping me launch my website, promote my book on Amazon, and establish my online presence. She shared excellent tips on promotion strategies and gave me helpful and constructive feedback on my content. She certainly does not operate with the goal of just making a sale. Her first and most important priority to be completely transparent and show genuine concern about the success of her clients. This woman is a wonderful breath of fresh air, and really know what she is doing. Highly recommended!"

NJ Lechnir


"I've been working with Judy @ MAD Gorilla for many months now. The service has been a Godsend. It's freed me up to focus on direct income-generating activities, and clearly helped to makes us more effective. Being able to map out the messages we want to convey, then having someone super-competent to do the 'heavy lifting' of producing our social media content, scheduling and posting has been, and continues to be, a huge help."

Dino T. @ Success Engineers

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