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10 Genius Ways To Repurpose Your Content | MAD Gorilla Media

Marketers repurpose existing content more often than you think. So stop struggling to come up with new ideas for your next blog post and do the same!

Think of it as the same ideas and content, but a different wrapping.

Why repurposing your content is a good idea?

Multiple pieces of content around the same topic can generate additional opportunities to target the desired keyword.

Plus, if you take your repurposed content outside your site, you can receive quality links back to your site with the added bonus of controlling the anchor text in the link.

Most of the time, your content only reaches a part of your target audience. Repurposing it gives your brand a chance to meet new potential customers.

Additionally, repetition can be an essential part of sending a message that sinks in.

By creating said content with repurposing in mind from the beginning, you can reuse pieces of it elsewhere without your audience feeling like you’re cutting corners.

That frees you up to focus on doing one thing really well, while still getting tons more work done with way less effort.

How is it done?

Break large pieces of content into smaller ones.

Have you recently spent hours to write a monster of a blog post? Split it into few separate social media posts.

Craft a daily email series

Some content—either a single, in-depth article or a series of posts on the same topic—lends itself well to bite-sized chunks, which can be ideal for a daily email series.

Create an infographic.

Infographics are one step above the bite-sized quote graphics. You can take currently available content to repurpose into an infographic. According to one study, an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a text article.

Turn videos into blog posts.

With a little time, you can write a full transcription or use details from the video as the foundation for a new blog post.

Use testimonials & reviews in case studies.

You likely have positive customer stories for your brand, so why not build a case study out of it?

Create an ebook.

Expanding your existing content into an ebook seems like a logical step in the content process, and it’s amazing how many high-quality ebooks began as blog posts.

Turn quotes & statistics into graphics.

Take quotes and statistics you already have in your blog post and turn them into images. These can be created in less than a minute.

Republish your posts on different channels

There are a number of sites which will allow you to republish your old blog posts, getting them in front of a larger audience, such as:




Host a webinar

The next step in audio-video content is a webinar, which allows you to both present on a topic and engage your audience in conversation.

Your existing content can be a great jumping-off point for a webinar, or you can use a series of blogs as research for your final presentation.

Create a Pinterest board

Do you have some blog posts that are especially image heavy? Make the most of your picture posts by repurposing those images on Pinterest.

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